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EASY Kit, bag with air microfilter and substrate (sterilized rye 430-460 g), injection with spores (2 ml), growing bowl (1200 ml), bag with air microfilter, vermiculite (200 ml), perlite (350 ml). Variants below on the page!
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I prepare the substrate from rye, I boil it for 10 minutes and then sterilize it. I do two sterilizations, the first at 115-120 °C for 120 min and the second on the second day without opening the autoclave at 115-20 °C for roughly 60-90 min. Spore injections are prepared from the nutrient solution in a laminar box, where I use UV sterilization before work. I started using sterilization indicator tape. Green before sterilization, black tape after sterilization.

EASY Kit is in several variants:

Dakak Beach Read


This product does not contain any psychoactive or prohibited substances. It is sold exclusively for research, ethnobotanical and collecting purposes or for the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms. If you combine the Kit with disputes of the genus Psilocybe Cubensis, you will be in conflict with the legislation of the Czech Republic.  
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