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Mushbag, growing medium (sterile rye 430-460 g), which is suitable for growing most edible species of mushrooms. It is equipped with an air microfilter.
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Mushbag contains sterile rye (430-460 g), which is suitable for growing most types of edible mushrooms. It is equipped with an air microfilter. I first boil the rye for 10 minutes and then sterilize it. I do two sterilizations, the first one at 115-120 °C for 120 minutes and the second one on the second day without opening the autoclave at 115-120 °C for about 60 minutes. I use sterilization indicator tape. Green before sterilization, tape turns black after sterilization.

Spore injection
10.05.2021 15:00:25
How do you inject spores to the bag? The description mentions an air filter, but I saw no injection port.
10.05.2021 16:36:14
Good day, it works well even without an injector port. Just pierce with a needle and inoculate with the sterile tape that comes with Mushbag.
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